Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge


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Irish Breastfeeding Mothers rise to the Challenge again for 2014!

Despite the fact that Ireland has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, Irish mothers and babies defied the

statistics to place first and second in the Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge which took place across the world on

Saturday, 1st October 2011. Irish charity Friends of Breastfeeding coordinated the Irish leg of the Challenge in eight

venues nationwide, which saw nearly 400 children breastfeeding simultaneously. Dublin, which had 146 nurslings, and

Cork (which was only just behind with 145) were triumphant as the top two sites in the world for 2011.


In 2012 we saw the opportunity to beat the 2011 count and had 536 children breastfeeding in nationwide venues

including Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick among 12 of the national sites. Citywest in Dublin was again the largest

venue worldwide with 175 children breastfeeding simultaneously at Citywest Shopping Centre.

2013 saw another huge turnout with 475 children feeding in 18 locations nationwide. This time Cork had the largest

turnout in the country.


There are a number of venues registered in Ireland for 2014 including Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Clare, Galway, Limerick,

Offaly and Waterford.  To Pre – register for This Years Quintessence challenge, please click here.


Sarah Jermyn, General Secretary of Friends of Breastfeeding, said “The focus of Friends of Breastfeeding is to foster

a positive breastfeeding culture in Ireland and raise awareness about breastfeeding support options. The mothers and

babies, taking part in the Challenge, are joined by husbands, fathers, grandparents and older siblings, it is very much a

family event. We look forward to doing it all over again this year.”


The Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge is an annual event which is staged worldwide to raise public awareness of

the need for proper information and support for breastfeeding families and the normalisation of breastfeeding in society.

It originated in the Canadian province of British Columbia back in 2001 with 856 babies and their mothers sitting down to

nurse simultaneously at 26 different sites. The Challenge has since grown to become an annual global event.

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To pre-register for This Years Quintessence challenge, please click here.


quintessence poster