_MG_9582While pregnant with my son my aim was to give breastfeeding ‘a go’, I knew of no one who breastfed successfully so wasn’t expecting much to be honest. – Anyway when the day finally came I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy (was lucky to have had an easy enough labour). I also had a birth plan, and at the top of my list was to have immediate skin to skin contact (which I got) and to have my baby at my breast as soon as possible after the birth (which I also got). The midwives were fantastic and I got my wishes. My son latched on no problem and luckily enough it seemed to come quite natural to us both. As I said the midwives were fantastic and I couldn’t fault them, but once back in the ward I have to say I received a lot of conflicting advice from the nurses. I now know that some of the advice that was given could have sabotaged our bf relationship. But luckily it didn’t. Anyway my initial aim was to give breastfeeding a go, which then became 6wks, which then lead to 6mths and finally ended up being 13mths (it’s addictive!).

Next time around, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl (an even easier labour this time). Again I got my wishes, skin to skin contact and this time I latched her on to my breast myself almost immediately after birth. Once again it seemed to come quite natural to us both. She is 15mths now and we are still breastfeeding and will continue to do so until we are both ready to stop (whenever that may be, as I said before it’s addictive!)

Since 2005 I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding. I was the first of my family and friends to breastfeed. I went into it not expecting it to work, as I only ever heard negative stories about breastfeeding. I ended up being ‘pleasantly’ surprised and (without being smug) found it all quite easy and extremely rewarding. I was lucky never to have encountered any problems such as sore nipples, blocked ducts etc. Breastfeeding for me has definitely been the ‘easy’ option.