BreastFeed_3My name is Clodagh and I’m the very proud mammy of a nearly five month old little girl. I had always wanted to breastfeed and had discussed (bored) my husband to tears about it whilst I was pregnant and still do! When she was born after thirty-six hours of labour, I remember feeling so happy but completely doubted myself that I would be able to keep this perfect little thing nourished. I turned to my husband and said “maybe we’ll give the bottle after all.” Thankfully he ignored my self-doubt and denies I even said it now but I remember, and we got her latched on and away she went feeding.

When the PHN called after we got home my blood pressure was sky high as I had not slept whilst in labour or whilst being in hospital, so I was ordered to go on strict bed rest. So my husband brought our little girl to me for feeds, and I was to sleep the rest of the time. Next day my blood pressure was back down.

The concern at the time was that the high blood pressure would affect my milk “coming in”. After that it felt like she fed, fed, fed all day every day. I can safely say that for the first four weeks my baby was attached to my boobs 24/7. Although she did allow me toilet and shower breaks sometimes.

I read somewhere that if you are going to give up breastfeeding always do it when your having a good day and that got me through the times when I felt I wasn’t doing it properly/was exhausted/had greasy hair/tried to shower but had to abandon the idea/had a sore ass from sitting down all day!!

I remember a friend visiting a few weeks in and it suddenly dawned on me that when the baby latched on, the first five seconds weren’t toe curlingly painful. But for the life of me I cannot remember when it stopped being sore.

So here we are nearly five months in now. We are the only people we know that breastfeed. My friends comment on how happy, smiley and content our little baby is. Our families are coming around to the idea that we don’t need to be whisked away to a separate room to feed, although this took a good bit of persistence on our part not to let ourselves be “whisked away”.

Myself and my baby meet friends for coffee regularly and feed away if she needs it, and after some practice I have stopped flashing half the country! I love the closeness that breastfeeding brings to me and my baby. Its so hard to describe the joy it brings and the rush of love you feel when your
nursing your baby and you make eye contact and you get that big milky smile.

I am eternally grateful to my husband for ignoring my self doubt in the delivery suite, and he will now say that he doesn’t understand why more people don’t breastfeed their babies as it makes life so much easier. We now donate milk as well to help sick babies get the benefit of human milk.

My advice would be to someone thinking about breastfeeding is read up on how to latch the baby on before you give birth (it’ll save you having sore nipples), don’t give up on a bad day, having support from someone is important as you will need to have food, water, the remote control brought to you whilst nursing and if in the first 10-12 weeks you manage to get dressed before five pm that’s a real achievement because I remember in the beginning how much easier it was to get my boobs out when I was in my dressing gown than when I was dressed!!