_MG_9578I have two children, aged 6 and 2. Dade is still breastfeeding enthusiastically; I’m not sure how long we’ll continue for. Cassia weaned at 14 months, very happily, I don’t think it will be such an easy ride with Dade. My mother breastfed me, and it never occurred to me that there was any other way to do things.

My own breastfeeding experiences have been largely positive, other than a few hard first days and major oversupply problems with my first, due to inadequate support and a vicious case of thrush on my second. I’ve recognised the difficulties in reaching the support that is out there, and that suited me, from my own experience, and got involved with Friends of Breastfeeding to try and make that support more easily accessible to all those who need it.

For too many it has been an isolated and painful struggle. I would love to see women enabled to feed as long and as happily as they want. I would love the truth of the benefits of breastfeeding to be more widely appreciated in Ireland. Breastfeeding seems to me to be of very fundamental importance, culturally, nationally, globally.

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