_MG_0082While pregnant with my little one, I really just figured I’d give breastfeeding a “go” six weeks was my goal I told anyone who’d listen to me that I’d “try” it, but wasn’t going to be a marty, I researched a little bit before hand, lurking on a few breastfeeding boards, I had myself convinced I was going to be tortured. I had bought more products for all the awful things that
were going to happen to my boobs, thankfully I didn’t need them!!!!
After my little one was born, she was popped up onto my chest and I was just amazed by her, that very second, I was in love. It wasn’t long after she was born that she started to chew her fists, so the midwife helped me latch her on and she had her very first feed. Oh how fab that felt!!!!

Shortly afterwards, she went off for a lovely nap. A very long nap. Eight hours long to be exact!!!! Having come from a formula feeding background, my Mom formula fed seven of us, my friends formula fed, so this demand feeding thing was all new to me. Anyhow to cut a long story short, we tried several times over the space of a few hours to wake her, she wasn’t having any of it, so eventually at around the seventh hour, I went to the midwives and asked “should I give her some formula?” Hand on heart I would’ve given her anything to make sure she fed, they weren’t too fussed really, and I was in a heap. I was told to strip her down and stick her up on my chest and have skin to skin and they would get the lactation consultant to come over to me, (I was in Ante-natal as they hadn’t enough beds in Post-natal). The lactation consultant, was so lovely, she stayed with me for an hour and told me that she wasn’t going anywhere until my babs had latched on and fed. She showed me how to latch properly, how to feed lying down, (totally recommend this), and I think she really, really set me on my way. The rest is history as they say, my lo was then attached to me for night and I was blissfully worn out from feeding so much, I put her beside me in the bed and dozed while she fed to her hearts content.

Along the way, we’ve definitely had more positives, I got hooked on breastfeeding! To see my daughter thriving from my milk was and is the most rewarding thing, but I won’t rose tint it and tell you I’ve never felt overwhelmed, I’ve had more than a few nights where I reckoned I’d be
buying formula the next morning, one such occasion springs to mind, when my lo was about 2 weeks old, I cried my eyes out sitting on the side of our bed at three in the morning, while my lo’s screaming blue murder and dh said to me AGAIN she’s hungry and I’m telling him I’ve no milk left!!!! (I did have milk, just thought I didn’t). How time times on those nights I never would’ve
imagined hitting my six week goal let alone almost sixteen months.