gingerpixel_photography__newborn_photography_1_15966I am a mother to seven boys ranging from 19 to 3.  All have been breastfed and naturally weaned when they were ready to do so.  The youngest, Tadhg is nursing away at this stage and we are both happy to do so!
 I am a child psychologist and work in private practice in south Kildare.

I have been involved in breastfeeding support since 1992 when my second son was born.  I realised then how important breastfeeding was for me, my family, our future and saw a far bigger impact than my own small circle.

Our families were not a breastfeeding culture but living in South Africa it was more of a cultural norm to nurse.  I was in for a big shock when I returned to Ireland in 1998 and realised that it wasn’t the norm here.
Since then I have stayed involved with breastfeeding in Ireland and realise how much support outside our own families is needed to encourage breastfeeding in our society here.  Consistent information seems to be limited and this is what we, as mothers need.

My mantra is Forget science, trust your instincts!

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