gingerpixel_photography__newborn_photography_1_15950I’m Mary, mother of two children ages 3 and nearly 2.  I’m a childminder and live in a very lively and happy house. I’m originally from The States, Madison WI. I moved here when I met my charming Irish husband, well I thought he was charming at the time.  I’ve lived in Ireland for over 7 years now.

When I had my first child, my daughter, I stumbled into some breastfeeding problems and it was only then that I learned of my intense desire to breastfeed.  My attitude before I had her was that if it works all well and good, and if it wasn’t to work I wouldn’t beat myself up over it.  Well it turned out that it not working in the terms I desired was much more difficult than I ever imagined.  It was because of this that I have become so passionate about breastfeeding and caring so much that if any woman out there who wants to breastfeed then they deserve the best care and support to ensure that it happens.

I am so pleased to be part of Friends of Breastfeeding, to be part of something amazing that can help give breastfeeding a revival!! I hope that our efforts here will change the negative attitude of so many Irish people about breastfeeding.  I hope one day my daughter and all women in her generation, will be able to get all the proper support and right answers about breastfeeding if she so desires it.

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