Melanie’s Story

_MG_0020I have four children now aged 7, 5, 3 and 6 months who I am still breastfeeding. Anyway I always had it in my head that I would breastfeed and thank God it worked for me.

I remember the first time feeding in Holles street and the midwives were so good, showing me how to latch on etc  – I must say I never realized or nobody told me about the initial pain for the first 10-12 days or so – (I know not everybody gets the soreness at the start) it started from my toes right up to my boobs when I latched on for the first 20 seconds and I would breath through it like the contractions!!! Yes I got bleeding and blisters and engorgement but I was so determined to breastfeed I continued on and spoke to my cousin who breastfeed her son for 3-4yrs and she told me the pain would go and thank God it did 10-12days later! After that it was fine.

I really think its important to let women know that it can be sore at the start otherwise they may give up after a few days and that would be a shame for baby and mother alike!

My latter two babies were exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then I introduced solids and before the solids they were slow to gain weight and the PHN were trying to encourage me to give them formula or start solids earlier than 6 months but I didn’t listen to them and they are all healthy and doing great. Ireland has an obsession about what weight your baby is gaining and as we all know breastfed babies gain at a different rate than formula fed babies – there is no comparison.

One morning I was lying awake waiting for my 1st born daughter to wake up and instead I heard the birds outside on the trees squawking and my breasts began to leak – the let down – “mother nature” obviously my body was responding to the sound like a baby’s cry – I’ll never forget this morning – its amazing – women are superwomen and we are amazing!!!!!!

Each and every time I gave birth to my four babies they all latched on immediately and it is such a lovely feeling and bonding between mother and baby – skin to skin – other women who choose not to are missing out of this lovely experience. You cannot give your baby more than giving them mothers milk – as nature intended – just look out in the fields – all the animal kingdom do it!

I will be sad when I stop breastfeeding my son as he is my last realistically as I have four children 2 girls and 2 boys and they are all healthy and well so we are blessed.

I find it very handy – on tap no matter where I go I do it – at the school gate, in the car, in church, in restaurants, really any place and anywhere – picture this my son in his sling going around shopping pushing a shopping trolley with my other 3 children – talk about double jobbing heh!!! Most people don’t even realize you are feeding as it looks like my son is snuggling up against me and sometimes I throw a muslin square over my shoulder otherwise I just feed – it is the most natural thing in the world and it’s a shame a lot more women don’t even give it a try!

As I’m typing here my son is on my right hand boobie before he retires for the night! I have friends that are having babies over the last few years phoning me and asking advice re: breastfeeding and I love helping them out in anyway I can as I know its not easy at the start and its nice to be able to ask me anything and know they will get an honest open answer.