_MG_9691I remember seeing my neighbour nursing her baby when I was little. The image is still very clear to me. It was in the changing rooms of the swimming hall. It was an unusual sight but a lovely one.

I was breastfed, as was my little brother, but I don’t have any memories of it. But that is probably why I knew that when it came to my own child, I always knew I’d breastfeed. I guess the exposure to it when I was little ingrained it in me. I didn’t know how long I’d feed for, nor did I know the difference between human milk and artificial milk. It just seemed like the logical and normal thing to do.

When I was pregnant I did a small bit of research on breastfeeding, but not nearly enough. I thought I’d wean her onto formula at six months and that would be that. My little daughter was born after sixteen hours of labour and put directly onto my skin. After an hour or so, (midwife was busy stitching for this time) the midwife helped me latch her on. It was an amazing feeling. I got cracked nipples while in hospital. I couldn’t sit up to hold my baby and
had a bad position lying down. I was afraid to reposition her in case I hurt her. Luckily my confidence grew when I got home, and I eventually got holding her the right way and all the pain left. Initially I was holding her so that her bum was lower than her head, thinking that this would help the milk go down better. I found out that I was actually causing her to feel like she was slipping away from the breast and had to clamp down with her jaws (Ouch!). I started holding her horizontally against my chest and it really improved things. This learning period was short and I think back on it as I do the morning sickness. The benefit far outweighs the discomfort. I also found great support and great information on the Internet.

The six month mark has been and gone. Now I hope to let her wean herself when she’s a toddler. I know the risks of formula now and am so glad not to have exposed her to them. I love sitting down for a feed and not being restricted by timetables. I love that it’s easy on her tummy and that she gets everything she needs from it. I respect my breasts so much now.
Giving perfect nutrition, at the right temperature with just a snap of the bra strap.

I’ve always been very small chested (AA cup) and now I’ve got cleavage! They increased to a C cup now and I’m very impressed. A boob job for free with no scars or surgery. What’s not to like. My daughter sometimes makes a little humming noise when she’s feeding. And when she latches on, her eyes roll up to heaven, like it’s the yummiest thing she’s ever tasted.
Feeding her relaxes me too. I can’t imagine feeding any other way. This is the most beautiful experience of my life. I want to let people see me feeding so that maybe some little girl may remember it when she has her own child and will feed her baby this normal way.