Month: May 2020

Organisations to Support You

Friends Of Breastfeeding Mother to Mother Support is the gathering together of mothers to share experiences and information about breastfeeding and motherhood in an amazing atmosphere of trust and support. Here mothers are supported to the have breastfeeding journeys of their choice. Our groups offer incredible support to the mothers attending. Meetings may not always have a trained counselor present as their focus is on the power of peer to peer support. Meeting supportive like minded parents, and making new friends is can be an incredibly important part of new parenthood and makes a difference to so many breastfeeding...

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Online Support

As well as being a great source of information, the internet can also be a great place for finding breastfeeding support.   Here are just a few of the many online Irish support options available to you: Friends of Breastfeeding: Did you really think we wouldn’t be on this list?  Your number one go to spot for all things breastfeeding in Ireland and a great place to keep up to date on everything that’s happening at Friends of Breastfeeding.  Find out what types of support are available in your area  and check out our upcoming events, ongoing projects and how...

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Local Support

Breastfeeding Support Groups in Ireland Friends of Breastfeeding groups offer incredible support to the mothers attending. Support groups are run by many organisations across the country. The details of some of the larger organisations, including Friends of  Breastfeeding, are in the following link. For details of other local groups, please contact your public health nurse or register for a Friends of Breastfeeding Buddy Our Mum2Mum support groups are run by FoBF volunteers who are breastfeeding mothers just like you. Our groups offer peer support, empathy, and an opportunity to form new friendships with mums who are on the same journey as you ....

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