1. Support is the key to successful breastfeeding, having a support network in place before baby arrives really helps. Hook up with your local La Leche League or Cuidiú group before the big day comes along.  Even seeing other mothers breastfeeding can be a huge benefit.

2. Have confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to fully sustain your new arrival – Your body has grown this baby for 9 months, it is now well able to feed it!

3. Breastfed babies grow as nature intends them to grow – once your baby latched on well and feeding well, has plenty of wet and dirty nappies, ismeeting certain milestones, is overall happy and content andgaining ‘some’ weight you can relax – breastfeeding is going great!

4. Your job is to feed your baby – let everyone else look after the rest – the housework can wait if needs be.

5. Believe in yourself and trust your body – your milk is all your baby wants and needs for the first 6 months of life

6. Dads can do everything else but breastfeed. A father has lots of ways to bond with his baby. In the same way he doesn’t carry the baby for 9 months, he cannot breastfeed and nature does not intend for him to do so.  Check out our information page on how dads (and others!) can help a nursing mother.

7. Never give up on a bad day! – There is always a breastfeeding solution for a
breastfeeding problem.

8. Get out and breastfeed in public and enjoy the freedom that breastfeeding brings.  Remember,  practice makes perfect, and after a few outings, you’ll be confident enough to  breastfeed anywhere. Remember breastfeeding is your right and, more importantly, your  baby’s!  And who knows?  Seeing you nurse your baby in public may be just the confidence  boost another new mother needs to do the same.

9. Don’t clock watch or stress over following a strict routine women have been feeding their babies since the beginning of time without a clock in sight – follow your baby’s lead and let your baby guide you.

10. Do what works for you, your baby and your lifestyle and enjoy every minute of it – they are only little for such a short time, they grow up way too fast!!